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About Us

Committee members absent from the photo include Ellen Fisher, Jane Godin and Eileen Mustard.

Who are we?

The Chesley Hospital Community Support Committee is made up of local people who, like you, are affected by the recent threats to the future of full time ER and the Chesley Hospital. We are your friends and neighbours. We support our local health care workers, our ER and Hospital and the Physician Recruitment Committee.

Committee Members

Ellen Fisher
Jane Godin
Darryl Hampton
Marie Krauter
Faye Bell McClure
Joanne McLaren
Arthur Middleton
Eileen Mustard
Hazel Pratt (co-chair)
Brenda Scott (co-chair)
Ian Scott
Doug Walsh


In our deliberations and activities, we provide equal opportunity for participation by all members of our community.


The principles of integrity are applied to all of our actions and communications, and we commit ourselves to truth, honesty, sincerity, civility and respect for those with other points of view.


It is our intention that any activities that we undertake will be conducted in a peaceful manner and that we will discourage disruptive and dangerous behaviours.