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  • Chesley Needs 24/7 Emergency Services
    For almost a whole year now the residents of Chesley and the surrounding area have endured theproblem of an ER in our local hospital that is open only during business hours on weekdays. In addition,it continues to experience additional closures on an almost weekly basis. During that time, I have hadthe privilege of working alongside… Read More »Chesley Needs 24/7 Emergency Services
  • Shame On You Rick Byers
    MPP Rick Byers Voted to Privatize Health Care in Ontario On April 1st at our Chesley Hospital Community Support rally in the Chesley Community Centre, Rick Byers spoke from the stage, saying that he realized he was sent to Queen’s Park to represent our interests and vowing to take our hospital issues forward to the… Read More »Shame On You Rick Byers
  • Eddie and Bill… They Had Our Backs
    Sift through local newspaper coverage of previous attempts to close Chesley Hospital in 1976, 1978 and again in 1996, and an interesting story emerges. So many people have stepped forward in their time to take a leading role in opposing the imminent loss of this community health care facility. To mention a few, names like… Read More »Eddie and Bill… They Had Our Backs
  • Letter? What Letter?
    Letter? What Letter? In mid October 2022, Arran Elderslie Council heard a presentation by the Friends of the Walkerton and Chesley Hospitals. They had forwarded a letter to all of the nearby Councils with the recommendations that grew from their research into the ER closures and the impact on local communities. Specifically, they had concerns… Read More »Letter? What Letter?
  • With Friends Like These
    In January 2022, a group of local citizens from Chesley and Walkerton, shared a common concern about limitations on the consistent availability of emergency services within their communities. Hospitals in these two municipalities are part of SBGHC, a health care organization serving four rural communities in southern Grey and Bruce Counties, including Chesley and Walkerton. Of… Read More »With Friends Like These