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Community Action Plan

Help us advocate for the resumption of full-time ER service at the Chesley Hospital!

Our Mission

In response to community concerns about repeated closures and reduced service at the ER in Chesley District Memorial Hospital (CDMH) and the potential threat this poses for the future of the hospital itself, we work collaboratively with community members and other organizations throughout the area to provide opportunity for residents to communicate their concerns and to advocate for resumption of full time ER services at CDMH.

Our Guiding Principles

Collaboration: We will work in collaboration with other community organizations active throughout the are of service for this hospital, consulting their feedback and opinion and providing opportunity for them to participate in our activities.
Inclusive: We will ensure that through our deliberations and activities we provide equal opportunity for participation by all members of our community.
Integrity: We apply the principles of integrity to all our actions and communications, committing ourselves to truth, honesty and sincerity and showing civility and respect for those with other points of view.
Source Locally: We commit to source materials, supplies and services from within the local business community wherever possible.
Peaceful: It is our intention that any activities we undertake will be conducted in a peaceful manner and that we will discourage disruptive or dangerous behaviours.